International Book Printing Service of the Highest Quality

Sustainable printing solutions in Hong Kong, provided by Hung Hing, offer top quality while contributing to the preservation of the environment. This company has been developing a sustainable book printing service continually in order to meet the needs of its clients and bring awareness to the utilization of sustainable materials in the printing industry. Hung […]

EDU EdUHK Humanities Demonstrates its High-Quality Worldwide

EDU EdUHK Humanities continues to bring innovations to its programs while its students make outstanding global achievements! Four scholars ranked among the world’s top 2% of scientists by Stanford University and their goals did not stop there. Ambitious students and scholars of the Faculty of Humanities influence the world in several areas with the knowledge […]

Italian Luxury Yacht Listings for Passionate Yachters

Asia Yachting, a premium dealership and brokerage in Hong Kong has announced super sailing yachting for sale listings that boat enthusiasts are extremely excited about! This company has been offering the best boats in the region since 2006. To provide watercraft of the highest quality to clients in Hong Kong, Asia Yachting established strong networks […]


纖腰欲折,凌波微步,許多年來我們都習慣了女流一定是弱質、婦孺一定被歸類與老弱同樣。儘管社會大眾已經欣然擁抱膚色與體態多元,人們依然會受到普世審美觀的影響。尤其是面對社交媒體上無孔不入的凝視時,在上傳任何照片前,人們自我規範地修掉臉上的暗瘡及腰間的贅肉。無論現時有多少推廣擁抱自己體態、鼓勵女性展現自然素顏的 KOL,普羅大眾那把衡量「美」的尺,依然殘酷地介入人們生活的每一吋。 女性的纖腰是不少文學作品、影視娛樂中被反複放大、檢視、被塑造成慾望對象。譬如在電視台的選美節目中,佳麗的三圍數字需要被公開,身體的部分透過近鏡拍攝而呈現在那細小的電視框上,彷彿腰肢已然脫離了女性自身,被無數目光檢視、評鑑其是否符合某個無形的標準。對女性腰腹的束縛早於 16 世紀開始,當時負責雕塑女性身材的「馬甲」,決定了女性應該展現予世人眼前的形象。 馬甲的歷史可追溯到公元前 1600 年希臘克里特島上的米諾斯民族,不過直到 15 世紀才有關於束腹衣較精確的記載。當時法國流行名為「cotte」的緊身衣,其於宮廷內更蔚為趨勢。16 世紀法國女王 Catherine de Medici 甚至頒布「禁止粗腰(thick waists)」的法令,自此,緊身馬甲就在上流社會婦女間廣泛流行。這鼓吹細腰的風潮無疑是一種病態美學,因為當女性腰腹長期被馬甲勒緊,會導致胸腔、脊椎和內臟被嚴重壓迫、推擠甚至移位,甚至出現心悸、猝死等駭人症狀。 儘管現時社會已無「禁止粗腰」法,女性已在馬甲中被解放出來,但大眾對美的判斷成為無形的束縛,即使離開了束腹衣,女士們依然追求纖幼腰肢。比起盲目節食、裹保鮮紙、用辣椒消脂這些偏方,女士們或可考慮更溫和的方式,了解自己身體的狀況,有否出現腹直肌分離情況,才逐步調節生活習慣。如有需要,或可考慮 EmSculpt 療程。

Virtual Info Day Platform Becomes an Essential Tool

You can create a perfect Community Marketing Webinar Platform easier than you thought. You don’t have to hire professionals, go through countless tutorials and still struggle to make a good space for online events; all you have to do is register to a top-quality Virtual Info Day Platform and you will unlock amazing communication opportunities that […]

Youth Mental Health Service Earns Attention of Educational Institutions

KELY Support Group provides excellent Youth Mental Health Service in Hong Kong. This non-profit organization collaborates with educational institutions and communities that understand the significance of mental health. The way a society treats young people directly influences its future. The vision of KELY is to treat youth with care and build a healthy environment for […]

Speed is Crucial for a Successful Endovascular Stroke Treatment

Endovascular Treatment of stroke could be lifesaving if you request it timely. Within 6 to 8 hours of the stroke’s onset, you should seek professional help. In Hong Kong, one of the medical centers with the best reviews is Esteem Surgical Clinic. Specialists can restore blood flow to your brain within minutes and prevent enormous […]

Summer 2022 is an Ideal Time to Buy a Hong Kong Yacht

Summer is around the corner, which means NOW is the time to buy a Hong Kong Yacht! Asia Yachting, a reputable brokerage, and dealership, has a wide selection of boats that can satisfy even the most demanding customers. From a Second Hand Ferretti Yacht to a brand-new Fountaine Pajot or a custom Prestige boat, yacht […]