How do Security Cameras work at Night?

I’m sure you have seen outdoor security cameras before. Do you ever wonder how they work at night, in complete darkness? Can they really capture high-quality video footage? Well, yes if it is a thermal camera. Hong Kong companies usually opt for a thermal camera for the following reasons. First, a thermal camera offers high stability. Be it in zero light, bright light, backlight, shadow, rain, smog, or fog, a thermal camera gives stable and clear video, perfect for Hong Kong companies that put their security cameras outdoor. Second, a thermal camera features accurate alarm. The deep learning algorithms of a thermal camera can reduce false alarms triggered by non-vehicle and non-human objects, ideal for banks in Hong Kong.

Security aside, a thermal camera brings more to the table than you think. For example, a significant number of Hong Kong companies purchase a thermography thermal camera for fire risk detection purposes. Such cameras give accurate temperature measurement and as a result can find hot spots and invisible defects on machineries efficiently. Guardsec has some pretty good options if you are interested. Guardsec features amazing brands, namely Sony, Bosch, Axxon Intellect, Axxon Nextx, DiSS, VidoNet, and Osma. Sony and DiSS, for example, are brands you should definitely check out.