The Effect of PR Crisis Management on Company’s Reputation

When companies go through crises, even sectors that are not directly affected could be harmed, if not handled correctly. If the issues are internal, the management needs to do everything possible to not let those problems impact the public image of the company. Frequently, that’s not an easy task. That is why company owners and […]

Kapok’s Calming Candles Make Every Room Relaxing and Joyful

Calming Candles are the “must-have” of every relaxing place, including spas and homes. Candles can affect people’s mood significantly and make them forget about the bad day. Also, scented candles are ideal for romantic dates and special occasions. In Hong Kong, one of the best places to buy eco-friendly Calming Candles is Kapok – a […]

UC. Now: Webinar Portal with Advanced Features

UC. Now is a Webinar Portal that works as a productive workplace for small and large groups. This Virtual Event Solution grew the user base during the COVID-19 quarantine because of the stable connection and unique features that make the software ideal for all types of online events. The impression that UC. Now, users helped […]