Youth Mental Health Service Earns Attention of Educational Institutions

KELY Support Group provides excellent Youth Mental Health Service in Hong Kong. This non-profit organization collaborates with educational institutions and communities that understand the significance of mental health. The way a society treats young people directly influences its future. The vision of KELY is to treat youth with care and build a healthy environment for generations to come.

With an effective preventative approach, KELY’s team mainly helps people between the ages of 14 – 24. These age groups are extremely delicate and they need special attention when it comes to mental health. KELY offers engaging programs that assist participants in learning how to manage their emotions, and stress and focus on the future. They help young people stay motivated and positive, which affects all aspects of their lives.

Youth Mental Health Service also includes drug and alcohol prevention programs. Experienced educators help students understand all the negative effects of drugs and alcohol. They assist participants in resisting the harmful influence of their peers and show them all the reasons why they should avoid alcohol and drugs.

Every program at KELY Support Group is carefully designed to make a great impact on young people. The Youth Mental Health Service can be customized. Institutions that collaborate with KELY can consult this professional team and create a plan for their young people. They can adjust the existing programs and add more, if necessary. Consultation is extremely important. It serves to create a long-term strategy that will have the best effect on young people. KELY invites institutions in Hong Kong to get in touch with the service center and start a progressive partnership that will positively affect people in the region.