The Effect of Mental Health Assessment HK on Students

Mental Health Assessment HK is essential for every educational institution. Helping young people understand their emotions, manage stress, increase their self-esteem, and educate them on drug and alcohol abuse has long-lasting positive effects. Since 1991, KELY Support Group has been presenting comprehensive Alcohol Dependent Awareness, Drug Dependent Awareness, and associated programs to schools in Hong Kong.

KELY is a nonprofit organization that assists young people in obtaining skills, and knowledge that will help them in different aspects of their lives. The Alcohol Dependent Awareness programs serve to show students all the negative effects of alcohol, how to avoid it, as well as how to deal with people that consume it regularly. The Mental Health Assessment HK covers various fields that can have a major impact on the lives of young people. Apart from programs that focus on drug and alcohol abuse, KELY offers courses that focus on general wellbeing and mental health.

The programs of this organization are created primarily for non-Chinese speaking communities as they are presented in the English language. In collaboration with primary and secondary schools, the Mental Health Assessment HK reaches over 8,000 students per year. With such an outstanding coverage, KELY influences the youth positively and decreases the chances of young people using harmful substances.

The Alcohol Dependent Awareness Program is designed by experts that know how to interest students in primary and secondary schools. The workshops are creative, fun, and engaging. They educate participants through group discussions, interactive training, and other innovative methods. School representatives can contact KELY for a discussion and request the program for their students anywhere in Hong Kong.