UC. Now: Webinar Portal with Advanced Features

UC. Now is a Webinar Portal that works as a productive workplace for small and large groups. This Virtual Event Solution grew the user base during the COVID-19 quarantine because of the stable connection and unique features that make the software ideal for all types of online events.

The impression that UC. Now, users helped the Webinar Portal become more than only a temporary solution to the quarantine circumstances. Now, the team behind the software is aiming much higher! They plan to become the leading Virtual Event Solution and an integral part of educational institutions and employment agencies. With innovative ideas, a stable platform, a good reputation, and outstanding tools, UC. Now has more than enough potential to achieve the set goals.

UC. Now is a Webinar Portal that makes online meetings, training, and courses easy and simple. It has several automated functions that make the scheduling more organized and accurate. Thus, the organizers of the webinar can create events, upload content, and pre-start reminders automatically. On the other hand, visitors of the webinar can catch up on the programs by browsing through the InfoHub of the organizer.

The Virtual Event Solution enables administrators to upload documents, notes, and recordings to the channel and allows all participants to access them at all times. That way, the materials used for online meetings do not disappear. Users that couldn’t attend a certain online meeting can find the documents on UC. Now and make sure to stay on track with the latest event. Such advanced features make UC. Now an ideal platform for continual group meetings.