Powerful Virtual Event Solution for Staff Training

Are you looking for a Virtual Event Solution that will serve all types of online meetings for small and large groups? UC. Now is at your disposal! It is a modern Online Staff Training Platform that you can use for multiple purposes. From job interviews to online tutoring, UC. Now gives us all the tools they need for facilitated online meetings.

The Job Centre of this Online Staff Training Platform makes online staff recruitment extremely easy. The job seekers can create profiles and add all the relevant information that may help them get recruited fast. They can upload CVs, referrals, and other documents that will show the employers their experience, education, and skills.

For employers, the Virtual Event Solution has multiple options that help them hire talents quickly. They can browse through all the applications on-site and shortlist the most suitable candidates. Then, employers can invite candidates to attend interviews on the Online Staff Training Platform. The automated system will schedule online interviews after the employer chooses the convenient time slots.

The Virtual Event Solution also serves online classes and other educational purposes. For example, a leader of the group of students’ parents can use the platform to connect all the parents online. That way, they can discuss the school programs and keep in touch with all activities and information related to the children’s school activities.

Connecting virtually is essential for continual good results and communication between students, parents, and teachers. Therefore, if you need a stable program for your educational institution, you are welcome to try out UC. Now and maximize the online learning experience.