Opportunities for Hong Kong Investors

CityLinkers, a consultancy company in Hong Kong, is helping clients get the best out of the Limited Partnership Funds. LPF allows businesspeople to register private funds as limited partnerships. The goal of the regime is to protect the interests of the clients and offer efficient investment management.

The Hong Kong Government introduced the Limited Partnership Funds on 31st August 2020. Since the date of its introduction, CityLinkers has provided full service to clients in the region, which included the application for the LPF and completion of all tasks required for a successful establishment of Limited Partnership Funds.

As a versatile consultancy company, CityLinkers offers various services to respected investors. One of the most popular programs is the Cayman Fund Investment.

Rigorous tax regimes have a major influence on companies of all sizes. The impact can be so radical that some businesses end up operating only to pay the taxes. With the Cayman Fund program, that cannot happen. Thanks to the beneficial tax regime, business owners can save funds, invest in their companies and gain more profit.

Investors from Hong Kong that opt for the Cayman Fund Investment will have the least control on foreign exchange. Also, there will be minimal restrictions on compliance and auditing. Those are only some of the advantages of the Cayman Fund.

To learn about all the benefits and possibilities, an interested client needs to get in touch with CityLinkers representatives. During the first consultation, the team will discuss all the details of the project. The client can decide whether it’s an adequate program for investment based on all the shared information.