International Book Printing Service of the Highest Quality

Sustainable printing solutions in Hong Kong, provided by Hung Hing, offer top quality while contributing to the preservation of the environment. This company has been developing a sustainable book printing service continually in order to meet the needs of its clients and bring awareness to the utilization of sustainable materials in the printing industry.

Hung Hing has been continually growing its influence in the region since the foundation of the company in 1950. As one of the only printing companies in the region with a diverse book printing service that includes sustainable printing, Hung Hing not only became the leader in Hong Kong but also grew its global presence. Companies from all industries in need of quality book printing service recognized the prestige of Hung Hing and established ongoing partnerships. This company is an outstanding representative of Hong Kong in the world and a reliable partner to all book publishers and businesses in the region. They do not have to look for efficient sustainable printing solutions anywhere else because they can get services of the highest quality in Hong Kong.

Book printing service at Hung Hing includes but is not limited to a complete range of children’s board books, conventional trade books for adults, as well as young leaders. There are no limits to the creativity and capability of Hung Hing’s services! All clients must do is present their idea, and make a plan with the assistance of Hung Hing’s experts and they will receive top-class printing products, as requested, quickly and efficiently.