Adding Value to your Blog Post

Do you know why some blog posts convert while others don’t? Keep reading to see what adds value to a blog post.

  1. Include multimedia content. People often prefer to read content that includes images or videos. Including multimedia content in your blog post increases the chances of people reading your post and sharing it with their friends.
  2. Add a comment box. Make sure that you add a comment box to your blog post so that readers can leave comments about your post. This will help you to get feedback on your writing and provide you with valuable insights into what your readers are interested in.
  3. Write in the first person. Although it’s acceptable to write about yourself in the third person, you should try to write in the first person as much as possible. Doing this will make it easier for your audience to relate to you.
  4. Include links. Include links to other relevant sites and resources. Doing this will help your readers to learn more about the topic and increase the chances of them sharing your blog post with their friends.