New SHARP Photocopier Brings Innovation to Offices

New Photocopier by SHARP is moving the limits of office electronics in Hong Kong! Office workers are delighted to have this powerful tool at their disposal. Before, most offices in the region were stacked with several devices meant to complete different types of tasks. With the introduction of the SHARP multifunctional printer, they are removing all those unnecessary tools from the workspace. Thus, they are saving money and space, while making the office significantly more productive.

Apart from being a Photocopier, this device works as a fax machine, allows cloud saving of the files, works as a document printer and banner printer! Users are amazed by the new banner printing options because banners were always important for presentations and organization. However, to print large papers, office workers needed to go to printing shops. The whole process was very long and banners would often get damaged in the transport and wouldn’t look presentable for the scheduled meetings. None of that will happen again to people that own the new SHARP Photocopier! They will print and copy banners without exiting the office.

The high resolution and speed of SHARP’s printer put it among the top office electronics on the market. The silent work of this machine completes all the tasks that office workers do daily. Since the Photocopier supports Cloud, WiFi, and Server Sending and Printing, employees can easily share files and save them without any danger of important documents getting lost. It is an enormous addition to companies in Hong Kong that are already showing great interest in the new SHARP device.