EDU EdUHK Humanities Demonstrates its High-Quality Worldwide

EDU EdUHK Humanities continues to bring innovations to its programs while its students make outstanding global achievements! Four scholars ranked among the world’s top 2% of scientists by Stanford University and their goals did not stop there. Ambitious students and scholars of the Faculty of Humanities influence the world in several areas with the knowledge and skills they obtain at this educational institution, as well as the mentality that educators help them strengthen.

10 years after the foundation, the review of all the achievements of EDU EdUHK Humanities is astonishing. The comparative culture of care is an approach with a major effect on students as it encourages them to build their talents and use them in a manner that can benefit them individually while making a change in the region and the world.

Although EDU EdUHK Humanities is one of the leading Faculties in Hong Kong, the interest in this institution is global. With over 1500 international students, EDU is a multicultural and multi-national Faculty with a high standard of education that students can use to succeed anywhere in the world.

Four main Departments of EDU EdUHK Humanities are Chinese Language Studies which teaches local and international students the beauty and complexity of the Chinese language, followed by English Language Education, Linguistics and Modern Language Studies, and, lastly, Literature and Cultural Studies. All Departments feature programs that captivate students and motivate them to develop their techniques and expand their knowledge. Apart from the talent, ambition, and motivation of the students, the approach of educators additionally motivates students to learn and seek success in areas of their preferences.