Why collaborating with a PR Company?

HK business owners usually collaborate with a PR company for two things, first, crisis management, and second, media training. Being filed a lawsuit is the most common PR crisis in HK, and other prevalent crises include government-based challenges, product flaws, and business acquisitions. MemoPlus is a reputable PR company in HK that offers prompt crisis management, ranging on a spectrum from defensive to accommodative. MemoPlus works with clients to formulate the best response and mitigate the damage whenever a PR crisis hits. Sometimes, they are even able to transform the PR crisis into an opportunity to raise brand reputation. From executing crisis management plans and providing professional communications counsel, to writing up mock Q&A and standard responses, their PR professionals take care of everything.

Moving on to media training. What a PR company does is that it regularly supports clients to develop their media facing skills, so that they are able to get their messages across in a timely and effective manner on camera. After learning from professionals in the PR company, clients are able to leave a good impression, negate difficult questions, and avoid misquotes during media interviews.

Of course, a HK PR company does more than just crisis management and media training. Other common services that a PR company include PR consultation, branding, event management, etc.