What Can Wine Enthusiast Expect from WSET Hong Kong?

Wine enthusiasts do not have to be only admirers anymore, they can learn about wines and become professionals in the field! CorVino is an elite wine school that provides top-quality WSET Hong Kong. It is a course that teaches students everything about wines! There are three levels of WSET, all designed for specific groups of people.

The first level of WSET Hong Kong is created for beginners; people that love wine but don’t know much about it. WSET Hong Kong teaches attendees of the program to explore wines through sight, taste, and smell. They also learn how to pair food with wine, which is a skill highly requested in the wine industry. People that aim to progress in the field will build a solid foundation at CorVino that will help them in the future.

The second level of the course additionally focuses on wine tasting through smell, sight and taste. It gives the attendees another opportunity to learn the basics and prepare for the next lessons.

After perfecting the wine tasting skills, participants of WSET Hong Kong will explore the grape varieties across the world; they will learn about the factors that affect the quality and style of the wine and they will be able to confidently describe wines at this point.

WSET Hong Kong certificates can help attendees of the course get better jobs and enjoy wine even more! Every participant that passes the first level can start the next level soon after. CorVino staff is available for all questions and requests.